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There are four fundamental steps in the WES certification review process. Below is a more detailed explanation of each stage, along with a quick summary:

  • The first phase involves evaluators making sure WES has received the necessary documentation in the format required for that credential and country (or area).
  • Examining the documents to make sure they are genuine and provided by appropriately accredited organisations is the second stage.
  • In the third phase, analysts examine the documents to see whether they are comparable to education in the United States or Canada.
  • The credential evaluation report is released by the assessor in the fourth and last phase. Every step is necessary to produce a high-quality, accurate report.

The WES Evaluation Process’s advantages

Reviews of documents and education system experts are part of the WES credential evaluation procedure. More accurate evaluation reports are the result of our standards for document collection, authentication, evaluation, analysis, and quality control. Transcripts for International Education is very careful to apply and approaching a good service providers is one of the big task.

Step 1: Imaging Documents

Documentation professionals at WES examine each page of papers as soon as they are received and enter them into the system. We are frequently able to directly accept electronic papers from your foreign organization. Check if you have that option by looking through your Required Documents. Please ask your institution to get in touch with us if they would like to send us your documentation online. We will get in touch with your organization to discuss the potential for transmitting documents digitally.

Step 2: Verification and Assessment of Documents

At this point, document examiners verify that the material is full and provided in the way required by WES by comparing the scanned images to the actual papers we received. They evaluate and decide whether or not to accept the documents.

Step 3: Evaluation and Comparability

Analyzing and evaluating documents is the next step. This activity is managed by an analytical team that specializes in a certain nation. They check the authenticity and correctness of the certified documents.

The experts will update your account after deciding on the next course of action. The file will be queued for evaluation and an anticipated completion date will be provided if the evaluators find that all necessary documents have been received in the format required by WES and that they are authentic and complete.

The evaluators will get in touch with the relevant institution directly for verification if they find that any of the papers need secondary verification. Your My Account timeline will show the following message if your documents need additional verification: “We are waiting for your institution(s) to verify your documents.” (Discover More.)”

Assessors will get in touch with you to request any missing documents if they find that necessary information or documentation is missing. Your My Account timeline will show “We are waiting for your documents” at this step.

A file is put on hold whenever it needs further documentation or secondary verification. The file becomes ready for review and a completion date is only given if the required data and verification have been received. Evaluators carefully review all relevant documentation, conduct any required research, and confer with subject matter experts before making any of these choices.

Stage 4: Creation of the Evaluation Report

The last stage is quality assurance. Experts examine the draft report and make any required modifications. After that, the report is sent for electronic transmission or printing and mailing. This stage will show up as “Your report is under final review and your evaluation will be sent to your recipient(s)” on your My Account timeline.

How to Prevent Postponements

Use these pointers to make sure the WES credential validation procedure proceeds as smoothly as possible:

Please submit all of the documents listed on our Required Documents page in the format recommended for your nation or educational territory.
On any envelope that you send to WES, please write your WES reference number.
Before submitting, check your application for accuracy and make sure it is complete. When you fill out your application, make sure that you spell your name correctly and add your accurate date of birth.

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