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Transcripts are a crucial component of your application to a lot of international universities. This certificate verifies that you have completed your academic programme and includes information about your coursework, subjects, and grades.

It contains a thorough record of every subject you have studied, as indicated by the grades or marks your academic institution awarded you. The official transcript is normally signed by the issuing authority and is always received in a sealed envelope that has been stamped. When applying, it is advised that the student request numerous copies of the same.

A transcript contains details about a student’s academic record, including a list of all the courses and subjects they have taken, the grades they have received for each subject on each attempt, their awards and accomplishments, and the degrees they have been awarded for their entire academic programme.

Apart from the aforementioned, the transcript might additionally include

1. The final grade a student receives for the entire course or academic year
2. The number of pupils enrolled in the course
3. The student’s percentile, broken down by subject, semester, or total class average, indicates where the specific student stands.
4. Highest grades for the subject obtained in the class.

Authority granting transcripts:

Transcript requests should be submitted to your institute’s education department. It is advisable to specify the quantity of copies and, in some situations, whether you prefer sealed or unsealed copies. It can also be necessary for the college or the board to transmit the sealed transcripts by postal mail straight to some universities. Remember that sometimes it need time to produce and receive the same.

Required Transcripts:

Transcripts from the most recent course of study are usually necessary. Transcripts from your undergraduate studies are required, for example, if you are applying for a graduate course. Transcripts from their pre-university or secondary school education are required for applicants to undergraduate programmes.

Academic transcripts for both your undergraduate and graduate degrees are required if you finished your master’s degree in India and intend to complete a second master’s degree overseas.

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