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It’s common to become overwhelmed by the copious quantity of documentation required when applying to a university abroad. When applying, you’ll need to provide SOPs, LORs, academic transcripts, confirmation of language competency, and a slew of other documents. It can be a daunting procedure. You need not worry; Blue Transcript will take care of your Transcript Services. Academic transcripts are one of the most crucial documents that are needed at the time of application, and we will discuss them in this article.

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You must submit academic transcripts or transcripts of records as part of the application process to a foreign university. This is done to determine your suitability for the programme you are applying to as well as to evaluate your academic record from prior educational settings.

Academic Transcripts: What Are They?

Academic transcripts, also known as Transcripts of Records (ToRs), are a collection of records that serve as a student’s record of education. They include details regarding degrees and honours received, courses taken, grades earned, and a subject-by-subject breakdown of marks. It is a thorough transcript of your academic record that has been officially signed and sealed by the educational institutions where you have previously received your education. It is an official record that enumerates every module finished, together with the credit value for each, the grades earned, and any exemptions that may have been given. It is written on the awarding organization’s official letterhead.

If you haven’t finished your course or degree, you will receive an interim or temporary transcript. Academic transcripts can also be referred to as Cumulative Record Files (CRF), statement of learning, record of success, diploma supplement, and other such titles.

What Is Included in Academic Transcripts?

Typically, each academic transcript includes the following student data:

-Name of the Issuing Academic Institution
-Name of the Student -Names of the Student’s Parents
-Accreditation of the Academic Institution
-The student’s birthdate
-The year that the programme of study was completed or graduated
-The student’s identity and roll number
-The name of the degree that was earned
-The length of the course
-List of Courses Completed Grades/Marks attained for each course
-Total Sum of the Marks or Grades Received

Academic Transcripts Are Necessary

One of the most crucial records you must submit with your application for a higher education is your academic transcript. They include comprehensive details regarding your accomplishments and performance in school. Since academic transcripts are certified records from the approved school, they are a trustworthy and legitimate source for your academic history.

Types Of Academics Transcripts – Official & Unofficial

Official Academic Transcripts: Are those that have been properly signed and stamped on official letterhead by the educational institution. Academic transcripts are occasionally delayed in being released by the educational institution. Students may use their unofficial academic transcripts in such cases for the time being. They will need to later obtain the authentic academic transcripts from each of their individual universities confirmed, nevertheless.

Unofficial Academic Transcripts: Digital or photocopies of the official academic records serve as unofficial academic transcripts. With the exception of the official stamp and signature of the awarding school, they possess all of the student’s academic records.

With all of the procedures and deadlines for applications, applying for higher education abroad can seem like a daunting endeavour. By completing their applications on time, Blue Transcript has enabled thousands of students each year to secure a spot at their ideal university. Join us to begin your international higher education experience. Schedule a free consultation with our counsellor Now. Contact Us!

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